Here’s how you can identify a HINO ‘Gunga Din’!

Turkic and European colonization created in ‘Gunga Din’ mentality in us. Gunga Din has 3 key traits – apnon se khafa (self-hatred), maalik se wafa (loyal to the master) and khud ko kode maar ke dafa (self-flagellation).This article is a compilation of its definitions.

They will accept infinite genders but only one strict shade of political opinion. They will discuss how 5 rupees milk on Shiv ling furthers abject Bharat’s poverty over a 5000 rupee champagne.

They will hate evil Brahminical Aryans as invaders unlike Turranis who migrated and became “one of us”. They will learn law from entertainers, ethics from Naxals, dharma from padres and religious tolerance from Maulvis and Mughals.

They will not sprinkle cheese on beef steak because milk based cheese is animal cruelty. They will pay 5000 rupess for 6 pieces of insipid sushi but demand vaccine for free.

They will tweet that the world is a borderless village to support Rohingyas while standing nervous in a line for a US visa. They will strongly argue that Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has nothing to do with Islam.

They will do a sex change operation to become a hijab clad 4th wife of Abdul to smash brahmanical patriarchy.

They will tweet about climate change while stuck in traffic in their gas guzzling air conditioned SUV.

They will cook animals into tasty dishes to spare them the trauma of suffering nasty Diwali fireworks.

They will feel that the word “akhand” is divisive but “tukde tukde” is liberating.

They will defend Aurangzeb as liberal but malign late General Bipin Rawat as Homophobic. They will see hope and change in an Italian drug addict because real darkness in life is being lead by a ethnic vernac.

They will not show their kagaz but ask for Sri Ram’s birth certificate.

They will say “Idea of India” is cool as long as you don’t “Make in India”.

They will prefer kambhakts over bhakts because at least they are kam (less) bhakt.

They will quote articles from imperialist media houses to conclude a democratically elected Bharat’s government is destroying Bharat’s democracy.

They will take a knee to stand for some lives that matter but call movies that spoke about lives lost in their backyard as “jhooti filmen”.

They will say “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” to deflate reactions against people demanding ‘azadi’ from that kutumb.

They will fight divisive casteism and unite humanity by prostrating before ideas that divide the entire world into believers and non believers.

Please add to these gems so that next time the inner ‘Gunga Din’ inside us or someone around us speaks out – we are able to identify the malady quickly.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread originally tweeted by Itihasika – Indology (@itihasika) on November 6, 2022.)


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