I’m out of my husband’s league and I love him anyway: ‘He’s 2 die 4’

Real love knows no bounds, and this couple has proven that.

The relationship between TikTok user Eva Martz and her husband, James, has some viewers scratching their heads.

Philippines-born Eva, who now lives in the US with her partner and their two children, is known to show off her mostly handsome family on the social media platform — and fans have noticed a glaring disparity between her and James.

Furthermore, some have accused Eva of being with her husband solely for financial benefit.

The retail worker posted a funny video earlier this week, responding to a critic who wrote, ”Must be the cash cause it ain’t your face.” The clip showed James making funny faces as he and Eva laugh off the rude comment.

Others in the comments praised the couple, advising them to let the haters roll off their backs.

Martz frequently posts clips of her and her family on TikTok.
Instagram/Eva Martz

“If you love and respect each other — that’s all that matters. And, I think you two are an adorable couple,” a viewer wrote.

“You and your husband are beautiful inside and out. Don’t mind the jealous and mean people, they are mad because they are lonely and want what you have,” added another.

“You guys are beautiful together and you seem so kind. Ignore the comments,” one echoed.

James and Eva Martz have two children and live in the United States.
Facebook/Eva Martz

In another snap, the two can be seen dancing to Kelly Clarkson’s “Behind These Hazel Eyes” as trolls continue to hit at the happy couple.

“How much money you getting paid?!” someone asked. “He must be really rich.”

“What in the 90 day fiancee is going on here?” another joked, referring to the reality show “90 Day Fiancé,” where an American and a foreigner looking to get a US visa become engaged.

One clip shows the two relaxing in bed and another shows them dancing together.
Instagram/Eva Martz

One clip on Eva’s feed shows her snuggled up in bed with James, writing that he’s “2die4.”

She’s also vowed to fight the trolls who call him ”fat and ugly.”

”Talk to me, I talk back,” she said.


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