Police video shows officers shooting at drones in Kyiv

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Why Iran is facing scrutiny over Russia’s drones

STORY: Rubble, helmets and candles – laid outside the Iranian Embassy in Kyiv. These were protest props used by a group of Ukrainians on Monday night, to demand that Iran stop selling drones to Russia. Coming after a so-called “kamikaze” drone hit a block of flats in Kyiv. The attack killed at least four people, including a woman who was six months pregnant. Ukraine said the attacks were carried out by Iran-made “suicide drones,” which fly to their target and detonate. The United States, Britain and France agreed that Iran supplying drones to Russia would violate a UN Security Council resolution that endorsed the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six powers. Iran’s foreign minister continued to deny on Monday that it’s supplying Russia with drones, while the Kremlin said on Tuesday it had no information about their use.But the U.S. has accused Iran of lying, with State Department spokesman Vedant Patel saying Russia was not only receiving drones from Iran — its operators were also being trained in Iran. “Russia deepening an alliance with Iran is something the whole world, especially those in the region and across the world frankly, should be seen as a threat and something that any country should pay very close attention to.” Patel warned the U.S. may impose more sanctions, echoing calls by some EU foreign ministers to crack down on Iran over the issue. In his nightly video address on Monday, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy accused Russia of carrying out more drone attacks on his country. He also said he would make sure all captured Ukrainians are returned, after Moscow and Kyiv carried out a large scale prisoner swap, exchanging a total of 218 detainees, including 108 Ukrainian women. “We do not forget about any of our people,” Zelenskiy said. “We have to return them all. And we will return them all.”


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