UK visa: For approval within 15 days, Indians can do this | World News

UK will restart processing of visa applications from India within the allocated 15 days, British high commissioner to India said adding that the focus is on visitor visas being given within 15 days.

“We are on track to get back to processing India to Great Britain #visa applications within our standard of 15 days,” Alex Ellis tweeted with a video message on Tuesday.

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Informing that the number of students applying for visas from India has increased by 89% in comparison to last year, Alex Ellis admitted the processing time for UK visas exceeded the 15-day period owing to Covid pandemic related disruptions and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In his update, the British high commissioner to India also included an advice for applicants seeking to get approvals soon. “You can help by applying early. You can apply three months in advance. You can use the different services, including the priority visa service and the super priority visa service if you have a particular urgency,” Alex Ellis advised.

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“Make sure you provide the information requested, not just the information which you want to give. And together, I think we can get right down to the 15-day work service standard by the end of this year,” the British High Commissioner added.


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