US Senator Wants to Ban Members of Chinese Communist Party From Obtaining Tourist & Business Visas

A senator of the United States has introduced a bill to ban the members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from obtaining tourist and business visas, as he claims the move would discourage Chinese nationals from joining this party.

The bill has been announced in a press release issued by the official website of senator Marco Antonio Rubio, in which it was pointed out that currently, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members can obtain ten-year multiple-entry tourist and business visas, known as the B-1 and B-2 visas.

Commenting on the proposal, senator Rubio, who has been a Florida senator since 2011, said that every member of the CCP is continuously working to weaken the US, and as a result, it is logical to prevent these people from coming to the country.

The Chinese Communist Party seeks to weaken and undermine the United States in its plan to become the world’s sole power. Every single party member is tasked with accomplishing this goal. It defies common sense to allow CCP members to vacation, shop, or conduct business in our country,” Senator Rubio said.

According to the press release published on his website, there currently are 93 million CCP members who would be unable to obtain tourist visas if the ban is approved. They would, however, remain eligible to obtain visas from other categories, including here diplomatic, student, investor visas etc.

The bill has been cosponsored by senators Kevin Cramer from North Dakota, Tommy Tuberville from Alabama, and Rick Scott from Florida.

Commenting on the proposal, senator Kevin Cramer said that US citizens do not need CIA-level clearance to be aware that CPP members are a risk to the country, and in order to prevent them from jeopardizing US security, a strategic decoupling from China is needed.

Every day, the CCP actively works against the United States’ interests. Our bill provides greater scrutiny of visas for Chinese Communist Party members regardless of how long they want to enter our country,” Senator Cramer said.

Whereas senator Rick Scot said that the US has witnessed terrifying examples of CPP agents coming to steal American intellectual property, track citizens, and infiltrate critical research institutions.

He also insisted that the US government must vet travellers from China in order to make sure that no CCP agents enter the country, urging other senators to support the bill for the safety of the US.

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