US Visa for Ana Maria Yaipen

Hello everyone!

My name is Manuel and I am the first born of my mother’s 3 sons. This fundraiser is for my mother who is in need of $2500 in order for a successful Visa application to take place. 

Currently, she lives in Lima, Peru and only has me for support. This money will be a big help for lawyer costs, immigration, and NVC. That is all we need. Any additional funds will be added on for her food and woman necessites.

I am planning on seeing my mother this year 2022 in November to see how she is doing. I pray that you find it in your heart to help us out. We have been separated since i was 17. I haven’t seen my mother in person for 7 years and she misses her children very much. As her son, it is my responsibility to make sure she comes back and lives comfortably with her family in the US.

By the Grace of God, thank you for taking us into your consideration. 


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