US Visa Renewal: Here is everything you need to know about renewing a US Visa

When your US visa expires, a similar process is followed for renewing your Visa as the original application procedure. Certain conditions need to be followed, and if you fulfil them, you will get the same type of US visa that you originally had.

What is the eligibility to apply for a US Visa renewal?

A renewal for US Visa can be applied for if:

  • You can only apply for renewal of a B2 visa if you want the renewal of a visa you owned previously, which is, in this case, a B2 Visa.
  • If you applied for a US Visa after the previous one had expired, and the US Embassy accepted your application.
  • You follow all the requirements needed for the renewed Visa.
  • The renewal of a US visa is applied to the country you were born in. The renewal cannot be applied for if you are still in the US.
  • It has been less than four years since your Visa expired. However, there are exceptions to this.

What are the documents required for renewing a US Visa?

When applying for a renewal of a US Visa, the following documents are to be submitted:

  • Your passport, which should be valid for a minimum of six months from when you plan on leaving the US.
  • Expired US Visas, if any, in previous passports.
  • Two passport-size pictures, different from the ones used in the original application, as per the requirements, are needed.
  • Get a printout of the confirmation page of Form DS-160.
  • Receipt of payment of US visa fee

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How to apply for a renewal of a US Visa?

The renewal process is almost similar to the one used in applying for it:

  • Form DS-160, the online form, is to be filled.
  • An appointment with the US Embassy or Consulate is to be scheduled.
  • A renewal fee for the US visa is to be paid.
  • Required documents are to be given.
  • Renewal interview for the Visa to be done

The steps may change chronologically depending on the country you are renewing your US visa. In India, the fee is paid after the appointment is scheduled, whereas, in the Philippines, the fee is paid before asking for an appointment.

Why is Form DS-160 important for renewing a visa? How to fill Form DS-160?

It is the form needed to be filled if you are applying for a US Visa, or its renewal or even the visas for non-immigrants. It can be filled using either of the ways:

  • Get someone to help you with the language used in the form from the Consular Electronic Application Center, though the form has to be filled by you in English only.
  • Get a guide to help you with it from VisaExpress, or any other third party. They can help you as they have experience in dealing with such processes of Consulates and Embassies of different countries.

You will see a confirmation page after the completion, whose printout is to be brought along to the interview while giving the required documents.

How to schedule an Appointment?

The website of the Consulate or Embassy of the Us is to be checked, in your country, as they list the instructions to proceed along with their phone number.

Moreover, you can check the online server provided by the State US Department if you want to schedule an interview. Your login information must be saved already if you have used the server to register yourself for applying for a US visa.

It should be noted that the procedure to schedule an appointment for an interview is not the same everywhere, as it differs from country to country. We recommend checking all the information and contacting the US Embassy in your country in case of any doubt or to get all the information required.

How to pay the US Visa Renewal Fee?

You must pay the non-refundable US visa fee before attending your interview for a renewed US visa and submitting your finished application in one of the following ways:

  • Using your debit card online
  • Or, you can download the receipt online and use your cash in the bank to pay the fee.
  • You can also pay the fee in cash at the time of your interview at the US Embassy.

Again, the process and method are not the same everywhere. The timing and method depend on the country from which you are applying for your US visa renewal. The fee is to be paid before anything else in some places, as to fill out the application form DS-160, you will need the fee receipt.

Submit the Documents/Enter the Interview. In terms of document submission and the US visa renewal interview, there are generally three choices:

  • At the US Embassy, you enter the interview on a different day than when you submit the paperwork.
  • You present your paperwork at a visa application centre before going to the US Embassy for the visa interview.
  • On your interview date, you provide the required paperwork to the US Embassy.

US Visa Renewal Interview

You must visit the US embassy and have an interview with a visa official after submitting your paperwork for a renewed visa. They will inquire about your schedule and the purpose of your application for the Visa. To conclude the interview, they can ask anything, including more private matters like your job and personal ties.

US Visa Renewal Interview Waiver

You only need to provide the necessary paperwork at the Embassy or Visa Application Center If you’re applying to renew your C-1/D, B-1/B-2, F, M, J or O visa.

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