Wait time for US visa interview nears 1,000 days for B1, B2 applicants

There is bad news for people planning to go to America. You will have to wait a long time. Because the waiting time for US Visa for Indians has increased instead of decreasing. The time to get an appointment for US visa interview has increased to 999 days.

Whereas last month, the US Embassy in India had said that due to Covid-19, a large number of Visa applications went into pending. But now work is starting in full force and the waiting time for US visa for Indians will decrease. But this time has increased. However, there is good news for Indian students going to America to study.

This report has been prepared according to the latest updates given on the official website of US Visa at travel.state.gov. Know how long you will have to wait for which type of visa?

If you apply in US Embassy Mumbai then you have to do this

Visitors requiring Visa Interview (Visa Type- B1/ B2) – 999 days waiting

Students/Exchange Visitors who require an interview (Visa Type- F, M, J) – 35 days waiting

Petition Based Temporary Worker, Interview Required (H, L, O, P, Q) – 375 days

Visitors for whom interview is not necessary (B1/ B2) – 297 days

Students/Exchange visitors for whom interview is not required (F, M, J) – 78 days

Petition Based Temporary Worker without Interview (H, L, O, P, Q) – 296 days

Us Visa Waiting Time

If applying in US Embassy New Delhi

The waiting time is 961 days for visitors with interviews, 29 days for students and exchange visitors, 337 days for petition-based workers. Visa waiting times are 233 days for non-interview visitors, 2 days for student and exchange visitors and 296 days for petition-based workers.

If applying in Kolkata, then…
Including interview – 904 days waiting time for visitors, 28 days for students and exchange visitors, 312 days for petition based temporary worker US Visa Wait Time.

Without interview- 175 days for visitors, 28 days for students and exchange visitors, 293 days for petition based temporary workers.

Similarly, to find out visa application and appointment waiting times at the US Embassy in other Indian cities, visit US Visa Waiting Time Check. Type the name of the embassy of the city in which you are applying, you will get your realtime data.

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