“We can’t celebrate Diwali or Holi..send us to India, or let us die”

The Pakistani Hindu community of Tando Allahyar, Sindh was not allowed to celebrate Diwali. Gunmen unleashed intimidatory firing towards Hindu homes on Monday to prevent them from coming out and celebrating the most important Hindu festival.

In a video posted on Facebook by online news outlet NN Official, the desperate people were heard beseeching, “In Pakistan, we Hindus can’t celebrate Diwali, we can’t celebrate Holi. They opened fire on our houses last night…there were 12 thugs. We request the SP and the PPP MNA/minister to help us…these terrorists should be stopped. We are Sindhi, we are Hindus…please let us celebrate Diwali. Or give us passports and visa and let us migrate to India.”

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In another video (archived here) clip shared on twitter by human rights activist Mahesh Vasu, men from the victimized community could barely contain their emotions, “We were bursting crackers and they started firing…What should we Hindus do? Why can’t we celebrate our festival in Pakistan? We demand justice. Or give us visa to go to India. Our graveyards have been illegally occupied upon, we are neither allowed to live or die.”

Pakistani journalist and editor of news outlet therisenews.com, Veengas tweeted, “Sindhi Hindus are targeted for celebrating Diwali in Tando Allahyar, Sindh. Sindhi Hindus seen saying they would leave the country — “at least give us right of dying and celebrating Diwali.” In Pakistan, Sindhi Hindus feel unsafe.”

“Hindu/Sindhuism is soul of Sindh— those who don’t have understanding of Sindhi culture, they should learn about it. Sindh govt must take notice of attack on Sindhi Hindus in Tando Allahyar. Not only Sindh government but Sindhi political parties must support Sindhi Hindus,” she added.

Every year, around 5000 Hindus seek refuge in Bharat to escape the systemic and institutionalized persecution they face in Pakistan. While abduction, rape and forced conversion of minor Hindu girls is the most egregious human rights violation the minority community faces, other forms of violence and discrimination are routinely meted out as well.

In 2019, Bharat passed the Citizenship Amendment Act to provide Pakistani Hindu and other minority refugees who had entered Bharat on or before Dec 31, 2014 an expedited path to citizenship. This humanitarian law would have provided a measure of relief to the most-persecuted Hindu, Sikh and other minorities of 3 neighboring Islamic nations – Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

However, the powerful Islamist-left-liberal lobby in Bharat unleashed violence and mass protests against CAA, primarily in Delhi and on campuses of Islamist state-funded universities like Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University. These protests soon escalated into the anti-Hindu Delhi riots of 2020. Dozens of petitions were filed in Supreme Court challenging CAA, and falsehoods were peddled by mainstream media and opinion-makers to paint CAA as a ‘discriminatory law against Indian Muslims’. Western governments and think tanks chimed in to amplify such lies.

The violent tactics and fake narrative seems to have had the desired result. The government buckled under the pressure and has failed to frame rules for CAA implementation, repeatedly putting off the exercise. Facing apathy from the Indian state and society and with limited means of earning their livelihood in the absence of citizenship rights, around 1500 Hindus have reportedly returned to Pakistan since 2021. Most such returnees are forced to embrace Islam in mass conversion ceremonies back in Pakistan.

Incidents such as this one from Tando Allahyar serve as an everyday reminder on why CAA is not just necessary, but the bare minimum that Bharat needs to do to fulfill its civilizational responsibility towards these hapless Hindus suffering in an Islamofascist nation where the military-mullah nexus reigns supreme.


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