What Are the Waiting Periods Now? What Options Do Students Have?

In a conversation with The Quint, Vineet Gupta, managing director of Jamboree Education, revealed that the number of students experiencing such delays is significant.

The best you can do in such a situation is to apprise your university of these developments and make pre-emptive preparations for a deferral.

“For students whose terms are starting soon or who are worried that there might be delays, we advise them to stay in touch with their respective universities and keep them informed of the delays and explore all options. In case of deferrals, it is always advisable to check all deferral requirements right away and keep the university informed well ahead of time. The time to decide whether to take a deferral or not might come later, but the preparations for it need to be made in advance,” Gupta said.

Meanwhile, speaking to The Quint, Nishit Kumar, head of content at Collegedunia, indicated that after COVID-19, most colleges are equipped to deal with technical delays and cooperate with the students.

He added, “We usually advise them to defer a session; however, some colleges also offer online learning for up to three months. This has been the case ever since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Jamboree’s Gupta, too, reiterated the preparedness of schools abroad and asserted that almost all universities have been supportive.

Gupta underlined, “One reason is that they understand that the delay is originating from factors that lie beyond the student’s control. Second, once they have offered an admission to a student, they are very keen to have them on board.”


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